Welcome to Cindyrella Cakes,

Welcome to Cindyrella Cakes,

Welcome to Cindyrella Cakes,Welcome to Cindyrella Cakes,Welcome to Cindyrella Cakes,

Where your confectionery dreams come true.

About Us

Celebration Cakes

50th birthday red and gold cake celebration at Douglasville conference center

 We create beautiful edible art for every occasion. Let your imagination take you to another place with these incredible works of cake art.    

Dessert Bar

Cakepops, pretzels, rice crispie, cookies, and cupcakes

Add to you show stopping cake with some items from our dessert bar section such as cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, dipped fruits, and many more.

The Best Rum Cakes Ever

vanilla rum cake, pineapple, pina colada, coconut, chocolate, pecan, raisin, banana, strawberry,

Ready to go beyond the traditional sweet treats? Try our scrumptious  custom flavored rum cakes. Our caribbean style, rum flavored bundt cakes  can stand alone as a super star or accompany other treats as they spice up the party!  Our mini rum cakes make the perfect wedding or party favors.

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