Welcome to a Cindyrella Wedding Experience

    We  create beautiful edible art for every occasion. We can create the  ultimate dream cake for your wedding or special event. Beautiful cakes  in every style, from traditional to the latest trends, available in a  variety of flavors to suit every taste.
We are a licensed and insured private Cake Studio in Douglasville, GA.
Together we can design the wedding cake of your dreams!

A  CAKE TASTING is available for 3 guests for a non-refundable fee of  $40.00 for 4 flavors which will be applied to the total invoice or  contract price only of $500 or more. Cake tastings are held once a week,  by appointment only, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  There is a $10.00 fee for each additional guest.  There is a service fee of $10.00 per each additional cake flavors  tastings.

We are NOT a retail bakery and we do not have  pre-made cakes, or sliced cakes on site. Cakes are made to order only,  as a result, there is a nonrefundable fee for additional tastings.

What should I bring to my appointment?
1. pictures of your wedding colors or celebration decor or ideas
2. pictures of cake examples, that inspire you
3. fabric or paint swatches with your colors and fabric
4. flower choices and colors
5.  Design inspirations, anything else that will help us get to know your personal aesthetic and your vision for that special day. 

Together  we will use these materials to create a concept that ties in and  complements the details of the wedding decor and your ideas.